Sharepoint Online Validation Formula for multiple choice columns

Today I wanted to do input validation on a Sharepoint list I manage. There are 2 checkbox areas that need to be checked (Yes) in order for the submission to be processed and proceed to the workflow. I fought for a bit with the formula, but finally managed it. Here it goes.

=IF(AND([Prerequisites Met?]="Yes"),([Travel Approved?]="Yes"),TRUE)

Now, it seems simple enough, but I’m no Sharepoint expert so I’ll break it down on the chance that you’re not either.

First, we have the conditional IF function. A basic form would look like this:


Conditions would be any typical formula that is capable of returning a TRUE or FALSE. For example,

[Column 1]="5"

, or


. In my case, I wanted both checkboxes to be checked (which is a Yes value). A single checkbox was fairly straighforward


but I was having some difficulty stitching the 2 together. The answer was to enclose an AND function into the IF, like so:

AND([Prerequisites Met?]="Yes"),([Travel Approved?]="Yes")

The AND ensures that BOTH conditions must equal Yes. We then put that into the IF function to get our finished formula:

=IF(AND([Prerequisites Met?]="Yes"),([Travel Approved?]="Yes"),TRUE)

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