A SparseVer2BackingInfo disk is found but the virtual machine does not support the option – See more at: http://bentoslack.com/a-sparsever2backinginfo-disk-is-found-but-the-virtual-machine-does-not-support-the-option

Ran into this issue recently when deploying Junos Space. The OVA was taking forever to transfer to my ESXi host and was unable to fully transfer without error. So I unpacked the OVA into it’s constituent VMX and VMDK and transferred those to the host over scp. Using vim-cmd, I registered the VM successfully but stumbled upon the error in the title when attempting to edit the VM settings. Upon further investigation, the VM’s SCSI controller wasn’t supported. When I looked at the vmx, I noticed this machine was built with version 4. I manually edited the vmx with vi after unregistering it within the vSphere client. I changed this:

virtualhw.version = “4”


virtualhw.version = “8”

and the error went away.

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