Error: – Virtual machine has 8,194 megabytes of memory, which is outside the range of 4 to 3,600 megabytes supported on the host. This may be a general limitation of the host software, or specific to the guest OS selected for the virtual machine.

Ran into this little gem tonight when trying to unpack an OVA into a VMX and VMDK (the why will be for a later post!). So, here’s the fix (for ovftool 3.5 anyway):

Open the file ovftool-hw4-config-option.xml in your favorite text editor. This file is found in the application’s env directory. Once opened, do a search for 3600, which should appear on lines that look like this:


On my Mac, I found about 14 instances. Simply replace the 3600 with a value equal to, or greater than, the amount of RAM defined for the virtual appliance you’re trying to convert. In  my case, that was 8192.

A caveat for the Mac (and most likely Linux as well) is that this file is read-write only by the system, so you’ll have to either change the permissions or open it as root.

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